Y.L.P Microfinance Plc is a microfinance institution licensed by the National Bank of Cambodia and legally registered with the Ministry of Commerce No 00049265 as a private limited liability company. Y.L.P Microfinance Institution was established in late 2019 with its head office in Phnom Penh, and owned by six local Cambodian shareholders, in order to provide additional financial resource to people living in Banteay Meanchey province. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has postponed its operations until early 2022. On February 2, 2022, the company resumed its operation in Banteay Meanchey province by operating only in Krong Serei Saophoan, and then nine months later expanding throughout the province (all 9 municipality-districts). This makes people in the province find it easier to access to new financial services for use in rehabilitating and expanding their businesses after the Royal Government reopened the country due to Covid-19 alleviation. The main purposes of shareholders in setting up Y.L.P is to help farmers and small businesses people living in the province have more sources of financial service for borrowing with low interest rates to set up their businesses for avoiding migration which may encounter various risks.