No Product Features Other requirements of the product
1 Clients Target
  • The general public who need cash and are in the branch operation area of kingdom of cambodia
2 Loan Size
  •  Can borrow up to 1,000USD
3 Interest Rate
  • Competitive and negotiable
4 Loan Term
  • 24 months
5 Guarantor
  • Negotiate
6 Currency
  • KHR and USD at Customer’s request
7 Admin Fee
  • Negotiable
8 CBC Fee
  • Comply with CBC price list
9 Repayment Type
  • Pay only interest and total principal at the end of the session(Balloon)
  • Pay only interest and principal for certain period every 2/3/4/6 months
  • Installment of principal and monthly interest(Declining / MP)
  • Installment of principal and interest equal to monthly (Annunity/EMI)
10 Collateral
  • Requires mortgage on hard title or soft title